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StoryComments Print Create a hardcopy of this page Font Size: Default font size Larger font size Posted: Friday, April 11, 2014 8:38 am Rachel Brougham - If kids used social media Associated Press | We’ve all read about the dangers of letting our kids go online. How we need to establish rules if we allow them to use social media. How their time online should be limited.But what if we let our kids — specifically the little ones — use websites like Facebook and Twitter? Their status updates and tweets might look something like this:Subscription Required An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this article in its entirety. Have an online subscription?Login Now Need an online subscription?Subscribe Already a Print Subscriber? Login Screen Name or Email Password Forgot? Remember me on this computer Screen Name or Email Now I remember! Need an account? Create one now. 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11.4.14 15:55, kommentieren


BARUG talks highlight R's diverse applications

RelatedPrint Email FeedbackAdd ThisBlog This by Joseph Rickert The seven lightning talks presented to the Bay Area useR Group on Tuesday night were not only really interesting (in some cases downright entertaining) in their own right, but they also illustrated the diversity of R applications, and the extent to which R has become embedded in the corporate world. Two presentations with a whimsical touch were Gaston Sanchez’s talk on Arc Diagrams with R and Ram Narasimhan presentation on comparing the weather of various cities. Gaston showed a statistical text analysis of the movie scripts from three Star War episodes using arc-diagram representations. Gaston did some original work here in creating the arc-diagram plots and showed how to use R’s tm and igraph packages to extract text and compute adjacency matrices. The Star Wars analaysis code and the arc-diagram code are both available. Ram’s talk was based on his weather data package (V0.3 on CRAN and V0.4 at GitHub) which has become a very useful and popular tool for scraping weather data from airports and weather stations around the world. The following plot shows how various cities rank according to his wife’s personal comfort score. Also have a look at Ram’s Shiny app next time you are wondering whether you should visit San Francisco or Honolulu. Presentations from Sara Brumbaugh on Running R from Excel, Winston Chen on Data Analysis with RStudio and MongoDB, and Cliff Click and Nidhi Mehta on Using H20 with R all made cases for integrating R with other corporate tools. Sara showed how to combine R scripts and Excel VBA code to pass inputs and parameters from a worksheet to a batch process, and back again. She showed several practical examples as well as quite a few virtuoso Excel tricks like storing and R script in a hidden Excel worksheet. Winston’s talk emphasized how R’s visualization capabilities alone are enough to earn it a place in a big-league machine learning shop. The platform stack at Winston’s company, fliptop. is built around Java/Scala, MongoDB/MySql and Python. But with all of that power they still didn’t have a good way to do data visualization with exploratory data analysis. Winston showed some examples with code of how they use RStudio to pull data from MongoDB into an R data frame where they can plot it. Cliff, 0xdata’s CTO, gave a succinct overview of how the H20 JVM can free R from its memory and speed limitations and make it possible to run machine learning algorithms from the R environment on huge data sets. According to Cliff, if you built a 16 node cluster of machines each with 64GB of RAM and all running H20 you could have a terabyte cluster for H20’s in-memory analytics and run logistic regression, gbm, neural nets, random forests and other machine learning algorithms through the R to H20 Interface. Cliff emphasized that H20 implements a "group-by" feature that is very similar to the way plyr’s ddply function making it possible to do R style analyses on big data. Nidhi followed up by running several of the examples that can be found on the 0xdata website. Nidhi showed real grace under pressure, and made the speed of the H20 algorithms seem all the more impressive by running live demos one after the other while the clock on the 12 minute presentation time limit was running out. Finally the two presentations, the first by, Raman Kapur on Managing Enterprise Cyber Risk through Big Data & Analytics, and the second by Giovanni Seni on Intuit’s new Rego package show how R applications can form the foundation of a production system. After providing some background information on the prevalence of information security breaches, Raman talked about how Foundation’s Edge has built Avana, an R based system to model the risk profile of a corporation’s business units. Giovanni gave a brief introduction to the rule based ensemble methods developed by Friedman and Popescu and worked through an example using the Rego package, which is newly available on Github. Giovanni, who has considerable experience with ensemble methods (have a look at the book he wrote with John Elder), said that he favors rule based methods because of their interpretability. He stressed that in addition to building predictive models, data scientists are often seeking insight into how complex systems work. Rule based ensemble models are useful for both purposes, often outperforming tree based classifiers for prediction. A notable feature of the Rego package is that it has a command-line, batch interface. Here we have an R package that is meant to do the heavy lifting in a production system.
Read the original blog entry...
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Syndicated stories and blog feeds, all rights reserved by the author.
David Smith is Vice President of Marketing and Community at Revolution Analytics. He has a long history with the R and statistics communities. After graduating with a degree in Statistics from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, he spent four years researching statistical methodology at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, where he also developed a number of packages for the S-PLUS statistical modeling environment. He continued his association with S-PLUS at Insightful (now TIBCO Spotfire) overseeing the product management of S-PLUS and other statistical and data mining products.
David smith is the co-author (with Bill Venables) of the popular tutorial manual, An Introduction to R, and one of the originating developers of the ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics project. Today, he leads marketing for REvolution R, supports R communities worldwide, and is responsible for the Revolutions blog. Prior to joining Revolution Analytics, he served as vice president of product management at Zynchros, Inc.
In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, David Holmes, Vice President at OutSystems, will demonstrate the immense power that lives at the intersection of mobile apps and cloud application platforms. Attendees will participate in a live demonstration – an enterprise mobile app will be built and changed before their eyes – on their own devices. David Holmes brings over 20 years of high-tech marketing leadership to OutSystems. Prior to joining OutSystems, he was VP of Global Marketing for Damballa, a leading provider of network security solutions. Previously, he was SVP of Global Marketing for Jacada where his branding and positioning expertise helped drive the company from start-up days to a $55 million initial public offering on Nasdaq.
Chief Security Officers (CSO), CIOs and IT Directors are all concerned with providing a secure environment from which their business can innovate and customers can safely consume without the fear of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. To be successful in today's hyper-connected world, the enterprise needs to leverage the capabilities of the web and be ready to innovate without fear of DDoS attacks, concerns about application security and other threats. Organizations face great risk from increasingly frequent and sophisticated attempts to render web properties unavailable, and steal intellectual property or personally identifiable information. Layered security best practices extend security beyond the data center, delivering DDoS protection and maintaining site performance in the face of fast-changing threats.
From data center to cloud to the network. In his session at 3rd SDDC Expo, Raul Martynek, CEO of Net Access, will identify the challenges facing both data center providers and enterprise IT as they relate to cross-platform automation. He will then provide insight into designing, building, securing and managing the technology as an integrated service offering.
SYS-CON Events announced today that BUMI, a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. Manhattan-based BUMI (Backup My Info!) is a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery. Founded in 2002, the company’s Here, There and Everywhere data backup and recovery solutions are utilized by more than 500 businesses. BUMI clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms. The company is known for its relentless passion for customer service and support, and has won numerous awards, including Customer Service Provider of the Year and 10 Best Companies to Work For.
Performance is the intersection of power, agility, control, and choice. If you value performance, and more specifically consistent performance, you need to look beyond simple virtualized compute. Many factors need to be considered to create a truly performant environment. In his General Session at 14th Cloud Expo, Marc Jones, Vice President of Product Innovation for SoftLayer, will explain how to take advantage of a multitude of compute options and platform features to make cloud the cornerstone of your online presence.
Are you interested in accelerating innovation, simplifying deployments, reducing complexity, and lowering development costs? The cloud is changing the face of application development and deployment, with enterprise-grade infrastructure and platform services making it possible for you to build and rapidly scale enterprise applications. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Gene Eun, Sr. Director, Oracle Cloud at Oracle, will discuss the latest solutions and strategies for application developers and enterprise IT organizations to leverage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to build and deploy modern business applications in the cloud.
Hybrid cloud refers to the federation of a public and private cloud environment for the purpose of extending the elastic and flexibility of compute, storage and network capabilities, in an on-demand, pay-as-you go basis. The hybrid approach allows a business to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that a public cloud computing environment offers without exposing mission-critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities. Hybrid cloud environments involve complex management challenges. First, organizations struggle to maintain control over the resources that lie outside of their managed IT scope. They also need greater infrastructure visibility to help reduce maintenance costs and ensure that their company data and resources are properly handled and secured.
As more applications and services move "to the cloud" (public or on-premise), cloud environments are increasingly adopting and building out traditional enterprise features. This in turn is enabling and encouraging cloud adoption from enterprise users. In many ways the definition is blurring as features like continuous operation, geo-distribution or on-demand capacity become the norm. At NuoDB we're involved in both building enterprise software and using enterprise cloud capabilities. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Seth Proctor, CTO of NuoDB, Inc., will cover experiences from building, deploying and using enterprise services and suggest some ways to approach moving enterprise applications into a cloud model.
Understanding the future of Big Data is crucial in the early stages of decision making around Big Data architectures. In the enterprise, what stands out is the need to integrate Hadoop smoothly into your existing data warehouse architecture, while taking advantage of existing skills and investments. In his General Session at 14th Cloud Expo, Marty Gubar, Director of Product Management at Oracle, will present a strategy for enabling integrated data management using both Hadoop and relational technologies. In particular, he'll look at how SQL, long the standard for the data warehouse, is increasingly being used on Hadoop. The real prize, though, is Smart SQL processing, seamlessly integrating the data warehouse and Hadoop into a single, Big Data Management System.
The time has come for humanity’s first interstellar trek to Terranuvem, the cloud planet, and Chief Engineer Cyrus Agarwal has been chosen to ready a ship for the voyage. He must make the right architectural choices to transform the ship for the long journey and be prepared for the unknown. He will be tested and overcome challenges during the mission. Join Cyrus and the crew of the Stratus at Oracle VP Rex Wang’s Day 2 Keynote at 14th Cloud Expo for a unique, sci-fi movie experience while learning key success factors for your own journey to cloud.
SYS-CON Events announced today that NuoDB, Inc., the leader in distributed database technology, has been named “Bronze Sponsor” of SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. Everyday businesses face challenges with application deployments, maintaining business continuity and providing outstanding application performance. NuoDB leads the industry with a cloud database management system to solve these problems. NuoDB provides scale-out performance, continuous availability and active/active operation. It’s a single, logical database easily deployed in multiple locations simultaneously. This unique capability is unavailable in any other SQL product.
The 4th International SDDC Expo, colocated with the 15th International Cloud Expo, 6th International Big Data Expo, 3rd DevOps Summit, 2nd Internet of Things Expo, and 3rd WebRTC Summit – to be held Nov. 4-6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA – announces that its Call for Papers is now open. Topics include all aspects of providing or using massively scalable IT-related capabilities as a service using Internet technologies. According to a recent report by Deloitte Consulting, firms using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) can save up to 50% on their networking bills. Since those bills currently add up to about 10-15% of IT budgets, that's a huge amount of cost driven out of the business. That makes it very much the right new technology at the right time.
Despite the economy, cloud computing is doing well. Gartner estimates the cloud market will double by 2016 to $206 billion. The time for dabbling in the cloud is over! The 15th International Cloud Expo, co-located with 6th International Big Data Expo and 4th International SDN Expo, 3rd DevOps Summit, 2nd Internet of Things Expo, and 3rd WebRTC Fundamentals Summit to be held Nov. 4–6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, announces that its Call for Papers is now open.
SYS-CON Events announced today that MetraTech Corp., the leading global provider of Agreements-Based Billing™ (ABB), Commerce and Settlement solutions, has been named “Bronze Sponsor” of SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. Commerce is driven by agreements between sellers and buyers. The best agreements can be fluidly negotiated and flexible enough to meet the needs of both sides. This allows a business to be able to adapt to new markets, new business models, or competition, giving them a distinct advantage.
You hear this everywhere these days: Build applications that are cloud-native – that is, developed specifically for cloud platforms. The trouble is everyone has his or her own definition of "cloud-native." As a result, cloud-hosted applications are all over the place in their use of native features. Many are not designed properly, and they're worse off in the cloud than when they ran in the data center. What are the fundamentals of being cloud-native? As I see it, being cloud-native is more about the application architecture and design than how you code the thing. Sadly, many people – in IT and at the vendors – are missing the boat on both points.
Think You Heard It All About The Best of the Best from CES? Well, Think Again ...
yourfanat wrote: I am using another tool for Oracle developers - dbForge Studio for Oracle. This IDE has lots of usefull features, among them: oracle designer, code competion and formatter, query builder, debugger, profiler, erxport/import, reports and many others. The latest version supports Oracle 12C. More information here.
Day 4 Keynote | Clouds, Devices, and Demos! What Developers Need.
Fear & Loathing in the Enterprise Cloud (with apologies to Hunter S.
New Cloud. New Rules.
Cloudy With a Chance of...
We love analogies. No matter what the topic, analogies are a great way to explain something in a different context to make a specific point with a frame of reference that may be more familiar to those we are making a point to. There is one that seems to come back over and over again in our industry, the one that compares the network to the power grid, network connections to power plugs. I had not heard it for a while but at Interop last week, I heard it used twice in booth demonstrations as part of plug and play pitches. And I really do not like that analogy.
There is probably never going to be a perfect balance in the industry between Do-it-yourself (DIY) and Do-it-for-you (DIFY) networking. It seems exceedingly unlikely that there is a one-size-fits-all type of solution out there. And so we will invariably end up with a bifurcated market that requires multiple solutions for its constituents. But if there is not a perfect balance, which one of these is likely to see the most action? If you were to base your guess on industry chatter, you would have to conclude that DIY has the upper hand. There is a ton of momentum right now with both SDN and bare metal switching. On the SDN front, it is all about orchestration and automation. The ability to streamline customized workflows is attractive, especially for the large IT shops that sink tens of millions of dollars into managing their monstrosities. Once you get into anything that is customized, there is a degree of DIY-ness that is required. No product is designed expressly for your particular environment, so you need to the ability to customize what you buy to do what you want. Beyond that, there is an awful lot of talk about APIs and programmability.
There’s a new craze occurring in homes, highways, workplaces and everywhere imaginable – the Internet of Things or as I like to call it, The Internet of Nouns. Sensors, thermostats, kitchen appliances, toilets and almost every person, place or thing will have a chip capable of connecting to the internet. And if you want to identify and find those things with recognizable words instead of a 128-bit IP address, you’re going to need DNS. DNS translates the names we type into browser or mobile app into an IP address so the services can be found on the internet. It is one of the most important components of the internet, especially for human interaction. With the explosion of mobile devices and the millions of apps deployed to support those devices, DNS growth has doubled in recent years. It is also a vulnerable target.
The industry often talks about how the data center perimeter is expanding,necessarily, due to technological shifts such as cloud and mobility and BYOD. But that isn't really the case. If you look closely, you'll see that the perimeter is actually shrinking, getting tighter and tighter around the data center. With just about everything web-enabled these days, the need for access to network to enable access to applications is, well, nearly gone. I can as easily share a file via a web-enabled application today as I could by copying it onto a network share using a VPN last year. With mobile devices inside the corporate walls as well as out, it's no longer effective to just implicitly trust what's on the local network.
Nick Lippis, who writes the eponymously named Lippis Report, had a fascinating report on the differences between enterprise and service provider environments with respect to network virtualization. He observes, through a survey of the ONUG (Open Networking User Group) membership, that what the enterprise needs is Network Service Virtualization (NSV), which he and ONUG define as the virtualization of "enterprise appliances, such as firewalls, load balancers, application accelerators, application delivery controllers, Intrusion Protection Systems, WAN optimizers, call managers, etc., instantiated for each application.
Timing Technological Change: Creation vs.
In any space, there is a very small vocal minority. Most people lack the time, interest, or even confidence to say what they think in public. So we are left with a vocal few who drive the conversation. In networking, the vocal minority consists mainly of the vanguards for change. For these people, the network is more than just some connective tissue inside a nebulous infrastructure. It is their life. They live and breathe it. Accordingly, they have strong opinions about how things work and, more importantly, how they ought to work. But what is happening now is that we are at some risk of the luminaries creating an impassable distance between their vision and the on-the-ground reality in many IT shops today.
The combination of cloud computing and big data is a match made in heaven. Big data requires a flexible compute environment, which can scale quickly and automatically to support massive amounts of data. Infrastructure clouds provide exactly that. But whenever cloud computing is discussed, the question comes up: When it comes to cloud security in a big data use case, the expectation is that any security solution will provide the same flexibility as the cloud without compromising the overall security of the implementation. When taking your big data to the cloud, the following four tips will enable you to achieve cloud flexibility paired with strict cloud security.
The CEOs of leading companies are already striving to create an agile business model -- one that responds quickly to competitive pressures and shifting market demands. Commercial agility often requires a corresponding accelerated business technology deployment. Meaning, the IT requirement is for applications to be provisioned in hours -- not weeks or months. That's a tall order for many corporate IT departments. Regardless, it must be done. More often than not, it's accomplished via a cloud services-based methodology. Savvy executives that proactively migrate their IT infrastructure to a cloud-centric architecture will generate new revenue that could surge by a factor of three from 2011 to 2017, according to the latest market study by IHS.
MBO Partners Spotlights GovCloud Founder Kevin L.
I am the CEO and founder of GovCloud Network, LLC. In a consultative role, I help companies develop and execute targeted media strategies via social media channels to over 1.5 million professionals across 20 industry verticals. With a specialty in cloud computing, we and our partners also provide the critical technical training and business education needed to thrive.
In the cloud lock-in is often a greater concern than lock-out*, but both should be top of mind for organizations looking to deploy cloud seriously, or better said, for organizations that want to deploy cloud for serious business. Lock-in is the phenomenon that it is often difficult (lengthy and expensive) for user organizations to switch suppliers, often because after some time the software becomes so closely linked with the way the organization works that saying goodbye to the vendor becomes virtualy impossible. It is no coincidence that there are only two industries (IT vendors and drug dealers) that routinely refer to their customers as "users".
IBM has identified mobile devices, cloud computing and four other trends that are looking to shape the federal information technology of the future, according to Jane Snowdon, director and chief innovation officer at IBM Federal. In an op-ed for Federal Times, Snowdon writes that mbility will continue to forge ahead to help enterprises and industries get closer to their customers, improve communication and elevate productivity. Cloud computing seems “inevitable” as well, Snowdon says, as companies migrate from traditional, legacy systems to cope with big data. Snowdon also pointed to multimedia such as a standard data format, big data, analytics and cognitive systems to get insights out of burgeoning information.
When large enterprises move to a public infrastructure cloud (such as Amazon Web Services or others), it is a gradual, and often times, carefully measured process. Large enterprises strive for 100 percent certainty that the migration process will not impact the business; therefore, they’ll usually start slowly, by migrating one application or process to the cloud. This is where hybrid clouds kick in. Hybrid clouds offer (just as their name insinuates) a hybrid between on-premise and cloud infrastructure. But once even part of the business is in the cloud, the need arises for cloud security. As data is migrated away from the local “safe” data center, access to the information is no longer controlled by the enterprise, and different, cloud-oriented, security measures must be considered.
The Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council (ITAAC) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) are honored to team with NGA in hosting the first "Agile Sourcing Environment for Commercial Cloud" brainstorming session, April 23, 2014 at TIA headquarters. This not for profit and free industry event is designed to improve cloud computing standardization and interoperability.
Data is dumb but we can't seem to get enough of it these days. An entire industry has evolved to make sense of the massive amounts of data being generated every day. Massive data collection by itself does not guarantee the context required to solve business and IT problems... If we are smart about data, however, it will lead us in the right direction. Today's businesses are defined by the software they run on, enabling them to innovate and create new services faster. Apple re-invented the music industry through software; Netflix changed the way we consume movies through software; grocery shopping, taxi-hire, parcel-logistics, car rental, travel booking... these are all industries that have been completely disrupted by software.
Assuming that your organization is well down the road when it comes to adopting the Cloud and in fact, has been utilizing the Cloud for a while, then you are likely a true believer that ultimately all of your applications will be migrated to the Cloud. It is no longer a question of "if" but more a question of "when" and "how." These days, the majority of test, dev, external websites and mobile apps are already born in the cloud. Applications make businesses run. Businesses have tons of applications ranging from purchased (commercial off the shelf) to homegrown (bespoke) and likely some customized, purchased apps that now look a lot like the homegrown ones. One of the big problems with apps is that once they are built and deployed they rarely get replaced or decommissioned. Application sprawl and aging application portfolios are among the root causes for much of the fixed cost in an IT budget and can consume close to 80% of the dollars.
Big Data focuses on how to use your own enterprise data – processed in the Cloud – most effectively to drive value for your business.
Web 2.
HTH Worldwide Selects Cognizant to Help Build Mobile Healthcare Solutions and Improve Member Satisfaction .
Google Will Let Anyone in the U.S.
Quarterly Conference Call Schedule, New Mobile App Enhancements, Educational Initiatives, Pricing of Offering, and Leadership Appointments - Analyst Notes on Google, Twitter, Yandex, 58.
TIBCO Announces TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.
Hitcase Appoints MMD as Exclusive U.K.
MBO Partners Spotlights GovCloud Founder Kevin L.
Security Solutions Discussed by Industry Leaders in SecuritySolutionsWatch.
Global RDBMS Market Report SYS-CON.
SiSense Announces Native Connectivity to Salesforce.
Activedit 2.5 by CfDev.
Leveraging WebDAV-Accessible Directories with Mac OS X Server & ColdFusion MX 7.0.
Come to New York and get yourself up to date with the Big Data revolution! As advanced data storage, access and analytics technologies aimed at handling high-volume and/or fast moving data all move center stage, aided by the Cloud Computing boom, Cloud Expo is the single most effective event for you to learn how to use you own enterprise data – processed in the Cloud – most effectively to drive value for your business.
There is little doubt that Big Data solutions will have an increasing role in the Enterprise IT mainstream over time. Get a jump on that rapidly evolving trend at Big Data Expo, which we are introducing in November at Cloud Expo New York.
"Cloud" has become synonymous with "computing" and "software" in two short years. Cloud Expo is the new PC Expo, Comdex, and InternetWorld of our decade. By 2012, more than 50,000 delegates per year will participate in Cloud Expo worldwide.
The cloud is certainly a compelling alternative to running all applications within a traditional corporate data center. But moving from theory into practice is where things get complicated, and this is where attending a top industry event like Cloud Expo comes in.
No one can take full advantage of cloud computing without first becoming familiar with the latest issues and trends, which is why the organizing principle of the 10th International Cloud Expo on June 10-12, 2014 - is to ensure - through an intensive three-day schedule of keynotes, general and breakout sessions, and our bustling Expo Floor - that attending delegates leave the Javits Center with abundant resources, ideas and examples they can apply immediately to leveraging the Cloud, helping them to maximize performance, minimize cost and improve the scalability of their Enterprise IT endeavors.
Delegates will leave Cloud Expo with dramatically increased understanding the entire scope of the entire cloud computing spectrum from storage to security.
Whether you're an enterprise or small to medium business, you'll soon be benefiting from the Cloud. Join your peers in New York June 10-12, and maximize those benefits already in 2014.
Save $900 on your “Golden Pass”! Call 201.802.
Early Bird Expires February 28th!.
Please Call 201.802.
events (at) sys-con.com.
carmen (at) sys-con.com.
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